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Dear Parents,  

Welcome to The James Oglethorpe Primary School.

We believe that school is a happier and more valuable place if staff, parents and governors can work actively together in the process of educating your child.

Our aim is for all children to become independent, adaptable, caring and tolerant and to achieve their full potential. We will ensure that the requirements of the National Curriculum are met and that the children receive a broad and balanced education.                                

We are very proud of our achievements, which include Investors in People status, the Arts Mark and Active Mark Awards, Football Association Status and a School Achievement Award from the DCSF.

We have strong and mutually supportive links with our parents/carers. Home/school partnership is an important ingredient in your child's education and s/he will benefit from our joint interest and support throughout the whole time s/he attends this school.

If your child is to join us soon we hope that this will be the beginning of a very happy time for each of you. If you already have a child at the school we are pleased to renew our acquaintance. Whichever is the case, we look forward to meeting you many times over during the course of your child's schooling.

Yours sincerely,

Ms. Deborah Rowles (B.ED Hons N.P.Q.H.)
Head Teacher



Hello and welcome on behalf of the Governing Body.

The Governing Body is made up from volunteers whose primary interest is to give all pupils the opportunity to aim high and so to achieve their potential in life.  We do this by using our skills, time and experience for the benefit of the school.

We have 3 main roles:

Ø  Strategic decision making

Ø  Accountability – by taking responsibility for the effects of any decisions made

Ø  ‘Critical friend’ – providing a balance of challenge and support.

We accomplish these through meetings of the Governing Body as a whole, as well as through sub-committees and both formal and informal visits to the school.

Cathy Rogers

Chair of Governors


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